Thursday, June 13, 2013

i miss those days.

FAMILY. all i remember was, my dad with his black hair, my mom with her cute smile.. and for my sisters, not yet married, so energetic and full of spirit. at midnight similar like tonight, we used to gather back from holiday, making a small circle and starts to tells stories and gossips on days at school and college.. my brothers, all that i remember were their annoying noises, and running all around. used to tickle them every time.

but just in my last holiday that i realized, all of these are almost 10 years back.. Oh how much i miss those days.. but now, my dad's hair are turning almost all white, my mom had passed her golden jubilee birthday. my sisters, 3 had get married, two others are in their teenagers years, with friends and social website all around.. as for my brothers, they had grew up older than before(of course), left only little chatting with me, and most of their time were spend on playing online games and movies.

i am now all alert with what's going on all around me. wish that i could record all the time i've spent with them, that left no spaces for regrets and missing the best time of us together. thank you for always being there for me, and be with me in my up and down. ~

"Dihuni rasa rindu
Hanya ku yang mencari
Rembulan masih ada
Mungkin seketika
Walau ku bahagia mengejar bayanganmu
Tak mungkin ku beroleh saat indah bersamamu
Hanya aku

Dingin rasa kasihmu
Bagai bintang bersemi
Rindu janji bicara
Kekal selamanya
Walau sekadar mimpi
Tak pernah ku peduli
Selamanya kan ku pasti merindui dirimu
Hanya aku"


Cik Jenin / Fatin Syahirah Mohd Zainy :) said...

time flies too fast kan amal :')

.minal qalby. said...

aah :') berharap moga dapat menunggangi masa yang berlalu, spy x melepas.. huhu