Saturday, September 21, 2013

silent advice.

assalamualaikum wbt..

few days back, i was really out of my mind, walking alone with no where to go, thinking what should i do with myself..
suddenly a boy came by my side, "dua ribu kakak, dua ribu.. ", while showing me some stickers that he hold.. -he was saying that the price of the sticker is only rp2000/each-

i am not in mood, but i tried to please him, so i take a look on the stickers.. "naahh,, just a bunch of I love Islam, I love Allah, I am a Muslimah kind of things, typicall=,=".-yes, i know im absolutely wrong to feel that way-

i was shocked, truly am, when i saw this,

before, i felt that problems is too much to be bare, but now, i realize how long had i ignore the fact that im gonna die one day, and till now i 'd done nothing yet to prepare myself for that.
thanks to that little boy, i believe Allah sends him to reminds me, everything is in His Hand.. hamdulillah ala kulli ni3mah.

-Allahumma baariklana fil mautina, wafiima ba'dal maut- amen ya Rabb#

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