Monday, April 15, 2013


salam alaikum wbt..
So much time to be waste aie?

Nope. actually not. There’s not much time left. Mujahidin are this close – to success. ISLAM is about to win. But why do we make our self to think about this fanaa dunya, and keep busy with dunya that doesn’t give any return in here after?

So stop.STOP.STOPPP! stop wasting ur time. Stop thinking of ways to live forever in this dunya that u KNOW that u’ll leave it behind someday. So why bother? oh pleaaasee...

U know u gonna leave these all nonsense behind. U know well of what will u bring along to the here after. Only that, sometimes we do slipped out of the track. But we’d learn from our childhood years, whenever u fall or slipped off urself, wake up, and just continue to walk back on track. YES, of course.., Allah is near, the thing is, HOW NEAR DO WE FEEL HIS PRESENCE. Hmm…J

“MUJAHIDIN will win. ISLAM will win. No doubt on that. But are we gonna be among them? With them? Under the pillars of Khalifah? So starting from now, if u wanna be one of them, ACT LIKE ONE”

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