Thursday, December 10, 2009

live ur life!

salam alaik =)
today is thursday.. do u guys realize dat there are approximately 3 weeks for our school reopening.. the thing is, i dont finish my homework yet!! OMG!

life is a journey dat we must travel to the mysteriuos end,, it is a mystery coz we never know where it ends. but it will end some day. believe it or not, our feet draw it new steps everyday without knowing where it stops. we should appreciate the beautiful journey of us that had been organized by our almighty,Allah.

juz imagine if we all know where we would end our life and how.. if you became a successful man, ur lucky. but if u know that you might became a serial killer and will die with ten bullets in ur body, with the whole world hates u, would u draw another step for tomorrow???

i am really grateful for what had i achieve and loose here in this world. some people said dat we must sacrifice something small to get the bigger ones. dat is the way we live actually. if we dont make any sacrifice, we'll never get at the stage we are now. imagine if u never sacrifice ur energy to get a new breath every time u breathe... u'll never get the new particles of oxygen into ur lungs, am i rite? huhu.
juz a simple thing that we may not noticed it all this time.

so, live ur life as if u'll die romorrow. life can be even more interesting if u rejoice in it. huhu. enjoy!


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