Wednesday, December 23, 2009

bia betui??

pkul 0219, 23rd dec 2009
still cnnot sleep.
wut can i do.. da celik, x pejam2. haha
there's only a week left on my holiDAY. aduy, so lazy dis year.
i dunno where did i left my RAJEN. maybe it slipped into da drain at the sidewalk somehow.wakaka.

but no matter wut, i must pick it back, even it had been eaten by a rat. euww!!!
so, talking about KURANG RAJEN n RAJEN, i guess dis new year bring lots of new impact to my RAJEN.

wut am i talking about?? act., it is about my new AZAM. wanna pick more RAJEN dat have been "bersisa" at da sidewalk and built a new ME. SPM is EXTRA really, MEGA ultimately, important! gotta srive da best next year. wish me LUCK yeah!

k laa.. gtg. maybe there's another day dat i will get back my long lost RAJEN. haha.

mstress amore. hi2


peace_maker said...

jgn lupa kutip aku nye rajin skali...

amalia said...

hak3. wokeyh. no problemo!