Wednesday, November 25, 2009

juz for fun

holla! i'm back in peninsular now..
it has been a long time since the last post of mine right.?
but there's nothing different about me actually.. i'm the old me of course!
hurm.. talking about me, am i look too old or just my appearance seems 'matured'??
i dont really know why but people who first time look at me will think that i'm a unversity's student. am i look too old?? what on earth! huhuhu
but sometimes when people i met especially 'pakcik or makcik' would think that i'm a lower form's student, frankly form 1. weird huh? among all the people that i met so far, not even one of them had the right guess on my age. they oftenly shoked when i told them that i'm a form 4 student. maybe next time i'll wear a sign written 'form 4 student' haha. i write this just for fun okay,, no heart feeling or any thing else.
gtg. see ya! (^_^)!!


tok putih said...

mungkin dah tua kot..
jus kidding..

akmal deen said... this de "special frenz" of megat?
[we use to put ur name wen we call him]
huhu..juz 4 fun..

[jgn mara eh]

amalia said...

?? special? no lah
hak3. fwen biase je. x d yg special. bak kte owg, normal. wakaka. btw, thanx cz droppin by yeah!

Akuh ;] said...

agak kerek disitu akmal.
abai kan.
kakak sudah tua.

amalia said...

huhu,, lawak la ko megat!!