Monday, January 14, 2013

frustrated, yet im strong.

menunggu, di tunggu, penantian suatu penyiksaan..

life is a like continuous walk..
when we walk towards each other,
the distance get shorter.
when we smile, the happiness get clearer,
when we talk, the voice sounds louder,
both of us get to see each other..

but when we had reached the meeting point,
that we were just side by side,
things get crystal clear..
i saw who u really were,
and u had known me, the real me.

the mistakes was,
we didn't knot a tie between us..

we keep moving on,
the distance get further..
we were now, back to back..

when we cry, the tears are not seen,
when we hurt, the pain are more to be bare,
when we shout, the voice are fading away..
the most painful part was,
we no longer see each other in the best way like before,
and u just could not understand who am i really was..

thank you, but that was too much.
too much of time wasted,
too much of memories to be forgotten,
too much of pain to be bare,
too much of every thing.
it is too much that i can no longer stand..


wana said...

may ALLAH make you stronger everyday day by day dear...

.minal qalby. said...

thank you wana.. :')

Anonymous said...

penantian suatu penyeksaan...
seperti ekau frust menunggu some0ne...
moga Allah tabahkan dirimu dan orang yang ditunggu itu

hafizuddin azeman said...

Frustrared ?
Stop hoping, start praying..

.minal qalby. said...

insyaAllah.. thank you..