Tuesday, March 8, 2011

LIFE is the beginning of DEATH.

i just visited a new born boy, last sunday. such small fingers, weak, and cute.

we always heard that people says, a new born baby was just starting his/her life journey in this world. but the fact that we didn't realise was, the baby was actually beginning the journey towards death.

" kelahiran sebenarnya ialah permulaan kepada kematian."

YES. it is. Live with the truth that the start of death begins from our first moment in this world... because each living organism will eventually die. no life, no death. For us, homo sapien, with life, and soul, we will finally end with DEATH.

in a nut shell, life is the beginning of death.

just a reminder for me, myself and every one who read this:)


syairahmohdanuar said...

waahh..bagus entry kau nie :p

cehh cehh..speaking beb :p

.minal qalby. said...

haha, da dpt komen ea?:)

speaking bertrabo kot..haha:))